Commercial Chimney Sweeping and Pizza Oven Flue Cleaning

Many people believe that chimney sweeping is only required within our homes, however, don’t forget about your business when your scheduling chimney sweeping services.

Whether it’s a stove or a fireplace within a public house or hotel or a woodfired pizza oven within a restaurant your chimney will need to be swept.


Does Your Pizza Oven Need To Be Swept?

Whilst it may seem unusual to sweep the chimney of a pizza oven it produces the same byproducts of combustion as any domestic fire.

The chimney of a commercial pizza oven flue will need to be swept at least once per year, if not more. This can be influenced by how longĀ and frequently pizza ovens are left burning & they may even need to be swept as soon as every 12 weeks; burning up to 12 hours every day for up to 7 days a week-along with a much larger fuel load which can cause a rapid accumulation of soot, ash & creosote.

Sweeping a pizza oven flue is both similar & different from sweeping a standard fireplace. Pizza ovens are much larger than residential fireplaces, which means that they take longer to clean & may require specialised brushes. The much larger fuel loads, longer burning periodsĀ and presence of food particles can all necessitate longer chimney sweeps.