Chimney Sweeping

Why Chimney Sweeping is Important


Ensuring the safety of you, your home & your family from the risk of chimney fires & carbon monoxide poisoning, is the reason why it’s necessary to get your chimney swept every year. Whether you live in a contemporary house or a historical mansion, have a modern wood burning stove or a period inglenook fireplace I can sweep your chimney!

So if you’re looking for an annual sweep of your fireplace, considering bringing a disused flue back into use, encountering problems with nesting birds or vermin or the ingress of the elements I can help so please feel free to give me a call to make a booking or to get advice.

How I Clean Your Chimney

Prior to my arrival please remove any items from your mantel piece & hearth & remove any unburnt fuel from your fire. As well as cleaning your chimney a standard chimney sweep includes a visual inspection of your appliance, flue, chimney stack, pot & terminal which following this assessment allows me to select the appropriate chimney sweeping method to clean your flue, be it the traditional way with rods & brushes or with modern rotary power sweeping technology/spring loaded brush systems.

Your fireplace will then be effectively sealed & the appropriately powered & filtered vacuum cleaner chosen to eliminate any soot from entering your home, sheeting will always be laid down to capture any soot or debris that may come out of your chimney.

Following your sweep you’ll receive a Chimney Sweeping Certificate that will be recognised by your insurance company which will record the result of your sweep & any safety advice given.

Rotary Power Sweeping Technology

Please note I am equipped with rotary power sweeping technology, however, although taking much of the physical effort out of chimney sweeping it is not recommended in all circumstances. If used incorrectly it can predominately remove parging (the traditional method of finishing the surface of a chimney interior) & cement from the brickwork in your flue. This can cause damage to your flue’s integrity potentially shortening its life & thus contribute to your flue becoming ¬†unsafe to use. Your chimney sweep should be equipped, experienced & trained well enough to be able to clean your chimney just as effectively without it!

Your chimney is designed to withstand sweeping as part of its routine maintenance. If for any reason faulty pots, cowls, brickwork, linings or components become dislodged during this process A Complete Sweep cannot accept responsibility for these occurrences.